• Q. I install PowerCADD but then when I quit and open again it asks for the install codes again.
  • A. You must install PowerCadd with admin user rights. Check you are using the admin user and try again. Leopard has particularly robust security and make being at "root" admin level essential. If you using Lion its a permissions problem please download the instructions here. Lion wants to stop users tinkering with the Library folder so closes it down to mortals.
  • Q. I am getting "Can't delete Swap TempSpec file......" on saving a file which would leave duplicate files.
  • A. It is caused by the 'real time' scan within anti virus programs. By switching this off, the problem is usually cured.
  • Q. PowerCADD just bounces in the dock but does not launch.
  • A. Make sure you have installed the latest WIBU driver, found on your installation CD.
  • Q. PowerCADD will not save.
  • A. Check that the dongle is installed in a USB port. If it is it may be that you have a faulty dongle please call for further help.
  • Q. Will PC7 read PC8 drawings.
  • A. Yes PC7 and PC8 files are readable in both versions. PC7 will export back to 6. But 8 will not.
  • Q. What version of DWG does PowerCadd read and write.
  • A PowerCadd8 will read and write 2007, PowerCADD 7 will read and write 2000
  • Q. What version of Wild Tools do I need?
  • A. Wild Tools 8 is compatible with PowerCADD7. WT 9 is compatible with PC8.
  • Q. Where has the STATUS Window gone in 8?
  • A. The information in the Status Window has been moved, at the top of the page you will find Nudge amount, number of objects selected and a scale display. Edit all Layers has been put in LAYERS. Scale is still in Drawing Setup and of course you can set it via Layers too, or a Short Cut command can be set to go to Drawing Set up for rapid access.
  • Q. In 8 my Edit Window is missing information that used to be in 7.
  • A. Yes the window is now controllable to show minimal info, or the usual full co-ordinate display. Just click on the right hand button at the top of the floater. Still missing what you want? Drag the corner of the window to show even more.
  • Q. Shadows and or transparency does not show
  • A. Check that you have SHOW these items under VIEW.
  • Q. My drawings are very slow to re-draw.
  • A. Try turning of Shadows and or Transparency. These items have a big hit on the processor and thus speed of re-draw.
  • Q. Where have move points gone in 8?
  • A. They are now in the TOOL floater. End of the Bucket Tool row.
  • Q. Where is the "go to layer" command that used to be in the status window? ( which doesn't exist anymore ) - the extended edit window with tell you what layer something is on but there doesn't seem to be a way of then getting quickly to that layer, other than selecting it in the layer window itself.
  • A. Just right click, bottom of the list go to Layer.




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