Italian Stallions
Italian Developer Paolo Rossi has created two sets of externals for PowerCADD 7: Topography Tools and Architectural Extensions.

Architectural Extensions
Architectural Extensions includes Photo Survey, Sections & Views and Power Dimensions. Photo Survey allows you to rectify a photograph of a building facade with only four measured points. So you can rapidly obtain an in scale photo of the facade or in scale representation of the facade after you have traced over the original photo with standard PowerCADD drawing tools.



PHOTO SURVEY will convert a perspective photo to an orthogonal image.

The rectified images are in scale so you can measure or trace over it to produce a line drawing of the facade.


Sections & Views helps to produce elevation drawings from plan views.


SECTIONS & VIEWS tool palette has 32 drawing tools.


Section & View tools allow to trace over a drawing and automatically create the section or view of the building in the desired location of the drawing that you want.Section & View is based on definition of two base lines, (the green line where objects are projected) and the other where you want to draw your section or view (the red line where object are drawn).



This illusration shows how this works. Click and drag over the ends of the window in plan view and you automatically get the rectangle for the window in elevation. However in the flat PowerCADD drawing, the elevation will be located relative to the red base line you have defined. So you click and drag in the plan view to produce the elevation drawing.


Power Dimensions add a powerful implementation of dimension lines. The new capabilities are:
• The dimension line can be modified on the fly by moving dimension points and the dimension will be automatically recalculated
• You can add or delete points to dimension lines and the dimension will be automatically recalculated
• You can switch from the three dimension type of an existing dimension line without the need to recreate it
• Dimension extension lines can be to the object, to the near object, of fixed length or none and users can change type of extensions for existing dimension lines without the need to recreate the entire dimension line



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