Richer Hatches

You can now set the line thickness, color, origin and even the scale of individual dynamic hatches in your drawing. Even better, this capability can be conveniently accessed from the contextual menu when clicking on an object. And now it is easier to create your own line hatches.



Set up hatching with single or multiple lines, each at their own angle, offset, spacing, pen color, pattern, line size and dashes.


If you’ve avoided hatches in the past, think again. There is a huge increase in hatch drawing speed—up to twenty times faster. And hatches combine with transparencies in ways you might not have considered. For example you can indicate the forested areas of an aerial photo with a green transparent overlay, and then additionally indicate conifers with hatching on top of it all.Attribute Styles provides the ability to save an entire set of any attributes that you would like, to be applied later with a single command. Fine blue lines. A green transparent fill. Bold black border lines.



Set up your favorite attribute combinations that you can apply in a single command. In this case, the pen color and line size are specified, but all others do not apply.


You have complete control on what applies or doesn’t. Color and line weight only. Fill with black but don’t change anything else. Your choice.They’re Off!

Out of the gate you will immediately notice a major gain in performance. The quick, snappy performance of PowerCADD is back. Big time. The biggest gain in drawing speed is with hatches, and overall the average drawing speed is up to 200% faster. Selecting objects, snapping, scrolling are all much faster. There are four reasons.First, PowerCADD now only runs on OS X, and this eliminates the penalty of trying to run on two operating systems. No horse can run fast straddling a fence, and neither can a program.Second, PowerCADD 7 uses Quartz only for screen drawing and printing. Again, this eliminates the two-method penalty. And with each new version of the operating system, Quartz is getting faster.Third, PowerCADD drawings have a new internal structure optimized for speed, particularly with enormous drawings.And finally, PowerCADD uses a more efficient and compact way to store attributes. That results in smaller files, faster look-up and smaller objects to handle in a list.Text Enhancements
Text is now anchored by its baseline for editing operations such as font and style changes, as well as for new text entry. Additionally, the Text Edit Window will now allow setting a preferred size for easier display and editing of text blocks, and you can scroll with the scroll wheel on a mouse.There’s a new floating Text Attributes Window for font, font size, style and alignment, and you can define your own favorites. Dimensions can now have styles (bold, italics, etc.) and you have a choice of standard or hand fractions—with the numerator over the denominator instead of on the same line.




You can now double-click text with the Selection Arrow tool to edit the text, instead of switching to the Text tool. You can drag to resize the text of a leader text object, and use the Edit Window to directly input and resize a text object.



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