101 New Features

1- Unicode support for file names, long file names, and stationery pad names
2- importing pcadd 6 key commands
- dwg/dxf improvements to interface & version support (could all easily be listed as several separate items!)
4- general performance increase including selecting and snapping
5- multiple user support for window positions and sizes
6- better/reorganization of preference & drawing setup items
7- auto-fade for window settings and tool palettes
8- magnetic floating windows and tool palettes
9- custom snap color
10- global attributes (pen color, fill color, pen pattern, fill pattern,
hatch pattern, attribute styles, line weight, dashes, arrows)
11- round, square, none end caps
12- scale points on zoom out
13- loader: no more temporary button (interface improvement)
14- clear recent items menu item (file menu)
15- print selection distinct menu item
16- print to center of printable area
17- print to center of paper
18- replace symbol dialog floats
19- objects to bitmap supports different resolution settings
20- move to layer command (both in main menu and contextual menu)
21- go to layer contextual menu item
22- improvements to contextual menu choices including STYLES at top of list
23- text edit window default font size can be customized
24- improved Bezier curve reshaping behavior
25- align menu item supports WIDTH/HEIGHT distribution based on gap between
26- Layers window supports sort visible list
27- Layers window change layer list column views
28- Layers window snap to layer status
29- Layers window print layer status
30- Layers window opacity layer attributes
31- Layers window Sort button
32- Layers window Duplicate button
33- Layers Sheets support layer attribute settings
34- Improved Rename Sheets interface
35- Layer Tools command allows user defined layer names
36- drawing setup: size tab: improved layout, particularly with respect to
calling page setup for size & orientation
37- drawing setup: size tab: support for margins
38- drawing setup: dimensions: new leader text offset amount
39- drawing setup: snap tab: HUGE improvement to interface and layout
40- hide/show transparency
41- hide/show opacity
42- hide / show selected objects
43- print warning when objects hidden
44- improved Line menu (scrolls, line weight is listed in plain text status
45- improved Arrows menu (scrolls, can delete arrows)
46- improved Dash menu (scrolls, can delete dashes)
47- improved Pen Color menu: now appends system colors pasted from another
48- improved Fill Color menu: now appends system colors pasted from another
49- hatch menu: HUGE performance increase!
50- hatch settings: change line weights
51- hatch settings: change scale
52- hatch settings: assign pcadd color
53- hatch settings: assign system color
54- Styles menu: create/edit/rename/apply attribute styles
55- New Hatch: from selection (items no longer have to be grouped)
56- New Hatch: from selection; if item is group, it locks ability to change
hatch line wt or pen color
57- New Hatch: Line hatch creator
58- Text Styles: create favorites new interface
59- Text Styles: new styles are WYSIWYG preview in list
60- References: Place References: new append layer name prefix
61- References: Place References: transfer sheet setups
62- References: Place References; transfer layer attributes
63- References: improved method (OS X aliasing) to locate moved or renamed
referenced files
64- References: drawing name appears after placing reference
65- References: drawing name: Select / Update/ Edit reference (big
improvement from earlier versions)
66- References: drawing name: Binding references just makes sense! no more
67- Minimize Window command
68- Attributes window: now includes hatch origin and hatch pattern (and new
NIL pattern icons that are better!)
69- new Pen Opacity attribute (also works on Text, now cool is that)
70- new Fill Opacity attribute (also works on Text)
71- access to system color picker from attribute window
72- Text Attributes window: new including favorites
73- Shadow Attributes: ALL new including angle/blur/opacity/offset/system
color/pcadd color
74- improvements to move points interface
75- custom key command for Blossom tool palette
76- change tool palette sizes
77- arrow tool: double click on a text block to edit vs. having to select
text tool
78- leader line tool: smooth optional setting
79- text on path: now path object can be in a group
80- table tool: now can have font default different than leader line or text
81- improved text mirroring
82- improved text handling: baseline support
83- parallel line tool: interface consistency improvement, only supports
pressing Space bar to change offset instead of space bar and option key
84- dimension tools now support text styles
85- reference points tool: supports multiple size and styles
86- parallel line offset tool: new
87- parallel offset tool: now supports 'get object attributes'
88- trim/extend tool now handles arcs
89- trim/extend tool now handles swipe selection for multiple objects
90- gradient tool: opacity of a gradient can be adjusted
91- blend objects tool: opacity settings are blended too
92- paint bucket: improved
93- fence cut supports scale
94- new notation tools including revision cloud
95- new snap: to mid point handle bar (as compared to old method of using %
96- edit window: improvement: displays XTNL group as distinct object type
97- timed saved prompt now appends to each document window as a sheet
98- file path navigator: command click on document name to see and open item
in file path
99- new display for fractional dimensions
100- when editing a group, the layer window displays "edit group" as status
101- scroll wheel on mouse can scroll layers list
102- scroll wheel on mouse can scroll in Text Edit window
103- Layer Attribute: System Pen color (used to be just PCadd pen color
104- Layers window supports sort visible list checkbox
105- Referenced drawing supports Symbol Instances and PDF files
106- Edit window direct input to resize width of a text block
107- drag to resize a text block associated with a leader line
108- you can perform a parallel offset of an object inside a group (also for
new parallel line tool)
109- Trim/Extend tool: can trim or extend an object outside a group to an
object inside a group. Previously all objects had to be ungrouped
110- on quit user is prompted to review changes for all open doc's or can
close all without reviewing


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