ZOOM™ is the multi-platform master in the art of 3D creation and modeling. Regardless of your software choice for conception and rendering, ZOOM™ is the perfect 3D-modeling partner. ZOOM™ gives free reign to your creativity while providing you the tools to create with rigor and incomparable precision.

ZOOM’s real strength is its ability to model with incredible ease. From the simplest design to the most complex three-dimensional model, ZOOM™ simplifies your tasks by providing easy, intuitive tools.

Visualization is an essential complement of 3D modeling, and with ZOOM™ it reaches its full expression. Cameras and lights can be created, positioned, duplicated and modified, with ease and creativity, directly on the screen. ZOOM™ enables easy access to a large choice of viewing angles and multiple light sources. All viewing parameters can be manipulated and saved with exceptional simplicity and speed for conceiving 3D scenes, which will achieve true perfection using Art•lantis® for photo-realistic rendering.


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